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Wyoming: The Equality State

Wyoming: The Equality State

Wyoming, second to only Colorado in average elevation, is a predominately mountainous state. Its vast and epic mountain landscape is exemplifies most by Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. Wyoming has one of the largest populations of buffalo still roaming the open plateaus. Its name, the “Equality State,” is derived from the fact that it was the first US state to allow women to vote. It also was the first to elect a female governor.

Wyoming, like several other US states, was acquired during the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Several explorers had ventured into Wyoming noting its rugged terrains and sharp rising peaks. John Colter was one of the first recorded men (white) to have gone into this great wilderness. He brought back descriptions of the Yellowstone, referencing the natural geysers occurring in the area.

Rugged Wyoming

Neighboring Montana, Wyoming shares claim to the great Yellowstone National Park. This park is one of the most visited national parks in the US. Wyoming offers other state and national park outside of Yellowstone. Some of these include:

  • Grand Teton National Park- Impressive array of cliff faces and waterfalls.
  • Jackson Hole- A serene lake fit for boating, skiing.
  • Fossil Butte National Monument- An amazing display of fossilized life that portrays the passage of time in the Americas.

Wyoming’s mountainous country side is has become an icon of “the Rockies” and the American west. Its beautiful parks and landscape speak to ancient times long past. Walking along the trails and paths in these mountains, one can very easily stumble upon fossils from millions of years ago.

Cities and Towns of Wyoming

Cheyenne, the most populous city in Wyoming with 60,000 people, is also the state capital. Other cities in Wyoming include:

  • Casper- The second largest city with approximately 55,000 citizens.
  • Laramie- The third largest city with approximately 33,000 citizens.
  • Gillette- The fourth largest city with approximately 29,000 citizens.

At 97,000 square miles, Wyoming is a large and vast state. It is, however, not a particularly populated one.

Wyoming’s State Identity

Wyoming is known for:

  • State Flower- Indian paintbrush
  • State Tree- Cottonwood
  • State Stones- Jade
  • State Bird- Western Meadowlark

Wyoming hosts a large group of tourists each year who frequent its many national parks and preserves. Its mountainous landscape is a playground for hikers, bikers, kayakers, and other outdoor junkies. From the Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Tetons, Wyoming epitomizes the view of the Rocky Mountains.

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  1. Wyoming is always great to stay, I was really enjoy a full month there. Miss to visit again!

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